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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Prizes! There will be prizes!

Did you know March is National Nutrition Month?  In honor of this, Karen and I are turning to YOU to help us spread the word about Eating...the Angel Way.   Both of us have experienced so many positive changes since adapting the Guidelines into our own lives.  Both of us know so many people who have found "peace of plate."  Both of us know so many people who have experienced positive changes since embracing the "Angel Way" of eating...and all the healthiest people we know already followed the Guidelines without realizing it!

We hope you'll help us.  And to give you incentive, we will offer (at least!) three wonderful prizes as well as (at least) three different ways to win.  Categories will be in things like - recruiting blog followers; retweeting on Twitter, mentioning us on your blog and Facebook. 

If you've followed the Ten Guidelines, you know all the wonderful changes that are possible.  The Angels want the word spread because we cannot heal the public aspects of our lives on this planet until we also begin to heal our fundamental relationship with that which sustains us personally.  Please help us fulfill this aspect of the Angel messages.

More details to follow....coming soon!

1 comment:

Walk in the Woods said...

How exciting!

And being one who grew up with a mom who prepared meals from Mediterranean roots, with pediatric nutrition and serving experience, I grew up with very colorful meals proportioned for my evolving constitution. And as one who has kept an organic garden for (over 30!) years, I have enjoyed the colors of Nature in my own meal preparations.

Having this sensible *and* beautiful rainbow-validation from the angles is truly a blessing. Thank you both - and your heavenly hosts!