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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Three ways to win....

In honor of March as National Nutrition Month, Karen and I are hoping YOU - our Angel followers and members of our Facebook Group will help spread the Angel's messages.  As a bonus, we're going to offer some prizes - all organic or hand-made, of course! - for those of you who help the most. 

There will be THREE ways to win...and THREE great prizes:  each winner will receive a basket of Angel-inspired gifts that include a lovingly created mini art-journal - perfect for planning and listing and an herbal tea, chosen specially for you.

So please consider helping us...here's how to win:

1.  The person who recruits the most members to our Facebook Group.
2.  The person who retweets our tweets on twitter.com the most.
3. The person who recruits the most followers to our blog. 

For 1 and 3, please have the person leave a comment telling us your name, and for 2, please send me a tweet (@anniekelleher) to let me know you've retweeted.  Thank you so very much!!
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Walk in the Woods said...

Ooooh - what fun! Of course, most anything might seem fun after the rainbow dinner I just enJOYed! :)

Annie Kelleher said...

don't tease us, rose... share!!!

Tammie Lee said...

sounds wonderful.
Walk in the woods is how I found you, on Facebook. Now that I am here, I will follow you. Plus I will post you on my FB page. Wishing you success!