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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Starting your day...the Angel Way or, Detoxing, part three

How does your day begin?  In quiet meditation, perhaps with some gentle yoga or stretching, a warm bath, an energizing cup of tea?  For most of us, mornings are just the prelude to very busy days...perhaps you genuinely don't have time to add one more thing into your morning routine.  Taking even five minutes to sit, breathe, meditate or stretch can seem like just one more chore. 

The Angels suggest, however, that just as taking the time to eat something nourishing will fuel your body for the work it's about to do, takng a few minutes to focus and to pay attention to the entire state of your bodymind can help you accomplish that work more efficiently and more productively, with greater clarity and sense of purpose.

As part of your Spring detox, the Angels suggest pay attention to your daily routines and rituals.  Don't necessarily try to change them, or add to them...just notice them.  Try carrying a small notebook or journal - such as the beautiful ones my friend Rose makes at Walk In the Woods, LLC  - and notate the order in which you habitually do things.  You may find, as I did, ways to streamline, or change habitual routines to make them more satisfying, such as switching to mostly organic and green cleaning products.   Small changes can make big differences over time - one grain at a time the ants move mountains.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Ah yes, the ants … I admire them so. I really do! And thanks for the shout out too.

Kim said...

Catching up on the last few entries. Yeah!!! So many people especially woman feel that if they take time for themselves even five minutes they are bad. We need to let go of that guilt and feed our souls and our bodies nourishing things so that we can nourish life in all its forms around us. And I do love those ants.

Karen M. Rider said...

This is so gently inspiring. As I've gone through another shift-- prompted by my young teachers, my daughters and a change in a medical regimen--I have been detoxing the Angel way. I began by noticing just how much I haven't been paying attention to my inner wisdom this Winter. Things that were once ingrained good habits--like drinking enough water for my needs, maintaining the qantitiy, quality and kind of exercise that moves my spirit and my "booty", getting as many colors in my diet at my winter rainbow could have--somehow fell by the wayside. The culprit: taking on too much work without enough resources to sustain myself through all of that, while being a full-time Mom. The other culprit was the medical shift I made a few weeks ago.

Now thta the gauze is off my eyes and the earmuffs are off my ears, I am sensing so much better, listening so carefully, to my inner wisdom. And the thing is, as I was making a list in my journal about what I need (more water, more sleep and a different sleep routine, more greens, more purples, etc), Annie was posting the detox info at the very same time. When I printed her post and compared it to my journal entry, I was astounded by the similarities. My doctor also had made similar recommendations to me.

The Angels may not have bodies, but the do know how we human beings can take better care of ours.