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Saturday, December 26, 2009

the Science Behind Why the Angels emphasize Color--

Annie and I are going into the final innings of getting this book to come together. the researcher that I am, I just went through all of the blog posts from earlier this year to date-- lots of powerful stuff here, as you all know. One query from an ETAW follower caught my eye... this person asked why the Angels are so keen on colors of foods. Annie already discussed the association of colors of foods with the chakras and balancing the energy of the bodymind. 

Here are two more "reasons" the Angels may be so "big" on the color of the foods we eat:
1. Science is beginning to show us that the chemistry that naturally exists in plants, namely the COLORS, are necessary for good health. The chemical that makes grapes PURPLE is natural plant chemical that helps keep cholesterol from building in our arteries. BLUEberries contain a natural chemical they may proect against memory loss and loss of occirdination as our bodies age. The GREEN in broccoli has agents that may protect from cancer. ORANGE in carrots can maintain good eye health.

You might here the term "phytonutrients" or "phytochemicals" when reading about the naturally occuring chemical properties of fruits and veggies. Also, notice I keep saying NATURALLY OCCURING. There is no evidence (or none that I've come across) that genetically altering a fruit or veggie to have more of a phytonutrient, or creating hybrind fruits or veggies, or fortifying the soil with these nutrient will yield more 'powerful' plant chemistry that has a more powerful effect on our health.

Nutritional supplements are an insurance policy for your body. In a day and age when you can't always get the foods you most want or need, or are unsure of the source/growing methods/method of harvesting, a nutritional supplement is like a back-up plan to help your body get key vitamins and minerals. All of the integrative physicians I have interviewed have assured me that there is NOTHING as good as real, wholesome food and the natural symmetry and integration that occurs between foods groups and between food and the body.

2.  Two years ago the PRoduce for beteer health foundation ran a campaign called "Five a Day the Color Way"... emphasizing, you guessed it, "Eat a Rainbow of Colors everyday" they also encouraged eah of us to make our plates and our kids plates as colorful as possible (I no longer feed my kids on those busy cartoon character plates--they can't see what they're eating and how beautiful it is!). to quote "Treat yourself to the colorful variety of ffurits and vegetaables. You deserve this special treatment because you are a special person."  I think the Angels would agree!

One last point... in regards to the question about why emphasize color... it seems to me that so few of the thousands of diets and dietary advise on this planet has actually really worked for most people for any meaningful length of time.. so why NOT plan your meals and quench your palate with the colors of nature... of divine creation?  YOu have nothing to lose, and everything to gain (in a healthy way).... is that an Angel pun that I just channeled, Annie? -- KMR

Resources:  PBH Foundation - Five a Day the Color Way
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