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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More holiday tips

We all have times where we nibble while we prepare. When I realized what I was doing I was appalled. This had never been a problem for me. I examined (using my journal) why I was famished/ stressed/ nervous/rushed). To curtail this UnAngelic eating habit, I started chewing gum during meal preparation, focusing on my breathing or humming. if I want to nibble, its on crunchy veggies rather than startches (which I was "tasting" bec/ I was so darn hungry from not following the guidelines in the first place). When I follow the Angel Way as it is intended to be followed, I don't feel so famished by supper time that I am eating standing up as the meal is being prepared.

This is important around the holidays because it is so easy to nibble while you prep, then sit down to the big meal and find your pants have popped a button or two!

When I've followed the guidelines, I don't feel the urge to do these things. bodyandmind are satisfied.

So, if you do have a day or two where you don't follow the Angel Way... try to plan for it so you can be mindful about it. Enjoy each bite. Express gratitude for the flavors of the season and the celebration with friends and family. And if you have too many slices of apple pie, forgive yourself and get back on the wagon as soon as it is right for you.

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