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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Honoring All Family Members Unique Needs

A while back I posted a query about Moms/careproviders of the family balancing their own nutritional needs while feeding the rest of the family. Like Annie says, sometimes you will find yourself preparing differen things for different family members. And as Annie also admitted, when our lives get busy, its easy to lose track and slip into old habits or just not pay attention. The next thing I know I five hours have passed and I'm just noticing the screaming coming from my gut: "feed me properly!"

Annie also makes a good point about the importance of honoring each family members unique needs. The way I approach this is to have choices available around 2 base food items. I'm now using higher protein grains, like wheat berries and barley. Combine these with veggies, beans/nuts / dry fruit for complete protein. I don't worry, then if my kids don't eat the meat my spouse has to have with his supper (we do require they try everything, though).

As a mother, I have to identify when my kids are just being picky and when they really don't like something. If I plan ahead for their plates to be filled with things they like, many colors, and the "new food" to try then I don't hear "make me something else." There is plenty to choose from and that's what's for dinner.
This is why we try to get them to taste two bites. The first bite of a new food still has the mental imprint of "it looks funny and I don't like it." I can tell by my daughter's reaction if she really finds a food unpalatable. I honor that and don't force feed. I know there will be another opportunity for her to try that food. Still, You'd be surprised how  many times that second bite is taken with vim and vigor!
(Taste buds change as children grow so what she did not like three months ago she may like at later time. come to think of it... so do our tastes, due to medications we might be taking, hormonal shifts related to pregnancy and life changes, stress).


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