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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

approaching the holidays... the Angel Way

as some of you may have noticed, this blog has been conspicuously silent for a few weeks. that's because whenever i stop following the guidelines, the writing flow dries up. i find i can still answer questions for others regarding this approach to eating, but i can't write.

so. here i am, back on the Angel Wagon, as a dear friend and Angel-Way practitioner likes to call it. but how did i fall off in the first place?

like everyone else, i got busy. where should i begin on my list of reasons? thanksgiving, extended visits from family, a new novel with compelling characters who keep wanting me to write about them, home improvement projects, my youngest daughter's 16th birthday. for me, it doesn't happen overnight. i don't wake up one morning and decide not to pay attention or to stop eating with awareness. for me... it just sort of... happens.

what's interesting for me is that i can come back to this blog and see where exactly i stopped Listening... just about two weeks before thanksgiving - when my schedule and the demands on my time started to implode.

this has happened before.

the first thing i did was forgive myself. i spent this past weekend being very quiet. i didn't shop, i didn't even go to stores. i ate what i "felt" like eating, paid attention to what it was, and began to keep track. several patterns emerged. i sat and examined what kind of food i'd been drawn to, and what i might be telling myself.

yesterday i asked the Angels for some guidance on menu-planning before i went to the store. today, with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, almond milk and yogurt at my disposal, as well as karen's new Journal charts she's developing for our book, i feel very hopeful and very focused.

if you've been less than mindful of your eating, Gentle Readers, today might be a good day to pay close attention. don't judge, don't require anything of yourself. just write down what you eat... and Pay Attention.

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Kathy said...

I'm hopping back on the Angel Wagon myself. Thanksgiving wasn't too bad, except that most of the vegetables were fatted or sugared. Oh well, once a year.

I really need to be mindful of my eating because I'm under a lot of stress and it's going to get worse. Thanks for your help!