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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Light on Brown Foods, Sweets, Comfort and Cushion

Having not had recent experience with brown foods as foods one turns to for comfort and for grounding, I understood Annie and The Angels words in theory more than practice. The past few weeks, however, there has not been much sweetness nor much grounding in my life. Emotionally, I've been all over the map. I paid attention, as The Angels encourage, to my moods, my cravings and my actual choices for what I would eat at any given moment of the day.

Where I lacked sweetness in my life--due to a few hardship events that left me feeling black and my outlook bleak-- I noticed cravings for chocolate or some kind of sweet treat. I put it off and put it off-- choosing hot chocolate, carob coated raisins and all natural pudding to quench that craving. Didn't do much go. So, when we ordered my daughter's birthday cake, we ordered the healthiest version of the Tinkerbell Cake. For three days (we had a lot of cake), I had a small piece of cake each day. Sometimes just a bite or two was all it took. After EnJOYing my cake, I observed feelings and thoughts. I looked at my recent troubles through a new lens by writing in my journal.

Also, through this time, I noticed I wanted more protein and more grains-- bread or crackers, in particular. The protein need was mostly physical, tied to changes I'm experiencing in the cycles of womanhood. The grains-- that was something different. I always seemed to want more rice, or more bread or an extra handful of crackers and peanuts than is usual for me. Again, I looked at what was missing in my life or where I was struggling with something.. The LIGHT went on... my energetic body needed grounding. Grains tend to have the physical effect of soothing frayed nerves and slowing us down.... exactly what my body needed.

Knowing all of this... I was able to choose the best foods for those energetic needs to be met AND to choose activities that would help me -- in healthier ways than I might have chosen had I stayed unconscious through this process-- to reign in my energy, focus it, and ground myself for actions that may be required.... Yoga, deep breathing, Reiki.... all were part of this process.  BodyMind communication...BodyMind healing.

What LIGHT has Eating... The Angel Way turned on for you?

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