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Saturday, February 6, 2010

refresh, restore, renew... part three

what color do you start your day with?

the Angels urge us to "eat a rainbow every day" because the vibrations of the colors of fruits and vegetables resonate with the vibrations of the various chakras throughout our bodies. paying attention to the colors we eat, and making sure we get at least one serving a day of red, orange, yellow, green and blue or purple foods ensures not just good nutrition, but that our energetic centers are balanced and nourished as well.

it doesn't matter what order we eat the colors in, and there's no limit - other than your own appetite - to how many rainbows you can eat in a day. i feel best when im getting two to three every day.

however, as we turn toward spring, it might be interesting to pay attention to what colors you reach for first in the morning. in my case, i reliably reach for the coffee my husband is kind enough to make me every day. coffee is a green food - it comes from a plant, and i spike it with whole milk - a white-light food. i drink two cups of coffee before im hungry for much of anything else, but when i do, it's usually a banana, a yellow food.

the solar plexus - which corresponds to the color yellow - is the seat of one's personal power. green foods correspond to the heart chakra. i usually hit the ground running and my mornings are busy attending to the needs of others. when i made the connection between what im doing, what im eating, and what's going on inside me at an energetic level, it made a lot of sense and i understood why i felt drawn to certain foods.

however, eating fresh papaya every morning in hawaii reminded me how good it makes me feel. based on my experience there, ive decided to incorporate papaya juice for either my breakfast or first morning snack. papaya is orange. the color orange corresponds to the second chakra. among other things, creative work is supported by the second chakra, and since morning is my preferred writing time, it makes sense to me to add orange-colored food to my breakfast menu.

this coming week, the Angels invite all of us to turn our attention to our first meal of the day. consider not just what you feed yourself, but also what tasks you need to accomplish or what your activities are during that time. if you are so inclined, consider how what you choose to eat can support what you need or want to do.

for further information, feel free to contact either myself or karen.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Well, I start my days with "my morning poison of choice," a GREEN beverage - coffee.

Once that's out of the way I usually lean to WHITE foods ... meat from yesterday's dinner ... often with leftover veggies, with basmati rice, tamari and yogurt (love it).

Sometimes whole grain (homemade) toast with butter or a homemade flaxseed/ginger/garlic spread.

Sometimes whole oats, simmers soft with tamari.

My body doesn't really care for the sugars of fruits - whole or juiced - in the AM. Seems my body craves SAVORY when I awake. Well - after coffee, that is.

annie kelleher said...

what kinds of things do you do first thing in the morning, dear rose? :)

Walk in the Woods said...

Usually I journal a little something ... then ... onto linear, logical things like bookkeeping, bills, the occasional research, that sort of thing. Then my day gets progressively creative. :)

Kim said...

whole grain toast with peanut or almond butter and coffee (decaf of course) or scrambled eggs and toast

i usually grab a yogurt to take to work but what i crave is something warm

and my favorite thing in the morning is pasta - lasagana being the ultimate - with chopped tomatoes, spinach, asorted veggies and cheese

I'm up at 5, making lunches getting ready and running out the door or doing laundry and other odd chores. I accomplish the bulk of my work before 9 AM