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Thursday, February 4, 2010

refresh, restore, renew - part two

how many hours did you sleep last night?

sleep needs are as individual as we are and vary across our lifetimes. by now, im sure most people are aware that the recommendation to get 8 hours of sleep out of every 24 is a rule of thumb that may or may not apply. however, its also true that many of us are seriously sleep-deprived, meaning that most of us are running dangerously close to an energetic empty almost all of the time.

for the Angels, sleep counts as a necessary nutrient to the body. during sleep, the body repairs and renews itself. children grow when they sleep, and not getting enough sleep can literally stunt their growth.

during the latter part of fall through the early part of spring, the longer nights invite us to indulge in our need to sleep. many people report feeling more sluggish and tired during these seasons, and turn to artifical energy-enhancers in order to feel "normal." for the Angels, our need to sleep is a biological imperative critical for good health.

this week, as you keep track of your protein or "white-light food" intake, the Angels suggest you also pay attention to the amount and quality of your sleep. in your journal, note how many hours of sleep you got each night, or within each 24 hour period. note if you took any naps. if anything woke you up or kept you awake, jot those down too.

depending upon the issue, there are many resources available to deal with any problems you identify. there may be more than one issue, and there may be underlying issues you may not be aware of. for example, the quality of my sleep can be affected by something as easily rectifed as my pillow but i have to be aware that that's the issue before i can fix it.

our next blog will be about the importance of Green Energy in our early spring diets, and hopefully tips from some Special Guest Bloggers!

for more about Eating...the Angel Way, karen and i invite you to check our new regular feature column in New England's Inner Tapestry Journal.

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Walk in the Woods said...

I suppose I sleep - on average - 7 hours a night. Works for me! (Not to mention the occasion recharging nap!)