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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Antidotes for Feeling Fat: Good Vibrations!

I find this guidance very helpful and the wisdom behind it is clear and accurate.

Often "feeling fat" is a dumping ground for other emotions. Feeling fat can be related to the weight of the world you carry-- literally, the challenges of your busy life weighing you down. It is certainly true for me as I balance, work, family, friendships and personal aspirations.

If we are not choosing, by how we eat and how we move and how we care for ourselves, to lighten the load, then the heaviness builds around us.

All  of the suggestions Annie posted are in tune with leading edge science:  we know exercise can be as effective as medication for alleviating mild depression and anxiety (and has even been shown to help with more significant clinical bouts of these maladies of modern times). Movement strengthens the bodymind on a neurochemical level.

If you bring a positive attitude to exercise of any kind-- one of JOY, then exercise doesn't become another thing you HAVE to do, it becomes something you choose to do for you-- to raise your vibration.

To be sure, if you exercise for vanity sake alone-- for appearance, to drop weight, to please someone else in your life-- as many women have done and too many women (and girls) still do-- you only add to the pressure cooker feeling all around you. To move simple as a way to enJOY the experience of your bodymind and spirit is freeing....and will lift you out of the heavy feelings that can so easily lead to feeling fat, weighed down, frumpy, ugly ____ pick your term.

Remember Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. Gosh those abs on Mark Wahlberg! I digress. GOOD VIBRATIONS. What a song. Turn it on. Get a move on-- Raise your vibration!

How will you LIFT your bodymind and spirit up to a higher vibration, today?


Walk in the Woods said...

I "dance" almost every day.

I fell out of the habit a few years back when injuries facilitated a need to heal - holistically - in more quiet and still ways.

Now, over the past few months I've revisited putting on some music, regardless of gate and tempo - and *simply* moving my body and being to the sounds that I hear in the moment.

It feels Good.

pebbles_peb said...

I have been having the feeling fat issues lately, mostly to do with the artrithis that has invaded me, I had enough to worry about and this did add just one more thing. I am drawn to your words of wisdom regarding the feeling fat, it makes sense!

Anonymous said...

Can you release the worry and breathe into the experience of your body as it is right now-- with all its glorious abilities and its limitations? Can you focus on what you can do, even in small doses, by listening to your bodymind wisdom with care and without judgement?

I have seen, through famiily members, the devastation that arthritis can put a body through. You are more than your body. What does your spirit need, today?

You might enjoy reading my articles on natural health and healing and connecting with some of the resources noted. visit www.karenmrider.com and click on the nonfiction portfolio.

Be Well,